Gaviscon Double Action Liquid Mint

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Get Dual Relief from Heartburn or Indigestion. Gaiscon Double Action gets to work instantly and provides long lasting relief.

Presentación Disponible: 150ml, 300ml, 500ml, 600ml

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How Gaviscon Double Action works? Unlike Antacids, it works in 2 ways:- Forms a raft on top of stomach contents in seconds to prevent reflux- Neutralises stomach acids for indigestion relief

500mg sodium alginate, 213mg sodium bicarbonate & 325mg calcium carbonate (per 10ml)

Do not store above 30°C. Do not refrigerate or freeze

Oral administration. Adults & children over 12 years 10-20ml up to 4 times a day. To be taken after meals & at bedtime. Should only be given to <12years on medical advice

Each 20 ml dose has a sodium content of 254.5 mg (11.06 mmol). This should be taken into account when a highly restricted salt diet is recommended, e.g. in some cases of congestive cardiac failure and renal impairment. Each 20 ml contains 260 mg (6.5 mmol) of calcium. Care needs to be taken in treating patients with hypercalcaemia, nephrocalcinosis and recurrent calcium containing renal calculi. Treatment of children younger than 12 years of age is not generally recommended, except on medical advice.If symptoms do not improve after seven days, the clinical situation should be reviewed.